“Happy” New Year: social media predictions for 2013

The Social Media Examiner has posted 21 Social Media Predictions for 2012 from the Pros Pros: Often, when I am reading academic articles regarding digital communication, it seems that the content is obvious… Continue reading

Online Portfolio

You can find my online portfolio here! Enjoy

An imaginary World

With the advent of world time, a parody of that of astronomy, the desert is getting bigger, the perspective of local space is vanishing and with it, not only the apparent skyline.” It’s… Continue reading

Blind Spots on the Virtual Highway

Virilio quotes a film maker Gary Hill: “Vision is no longer the possibility of seeing, but the possibility of not seeing.” Virilio goes on to suggest that without authentic representation, as opposed to… Continue reading

Re-evaluating our social landscape: ‘Open Sky’

After digging through Paul Virilio’s physic and philosophical metaphors in Open Sky, a connection to technology and communication might exist. This is what I gathered anyway: Virilio seems most to be persuading readers of… Continue reading

The Problem with People

Defining your audience can be difficult  Redish provides some tips in a chapter, “People! People! People!” from his book Writing Web Content that Works. His tips are logistical- think about who your audience… Continue reading

Art in the Community: TR Town Limits

Writing Skills are Not Optional

Brian Carroll’s text Writing for Digital Media addresses the evolution in editing with online text. See his chapter, “Getting it right: online editing, designing and publishing.” From day one, every detail counts: the… Continue reading

Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of fun

Here is a small image gallery of Fall for Greenville (Oct 12-14, 2012):

When it all Comes Together

Let’s discuss editing. Editing makes the viewing experience clearer, cleaner, and better. Typically editing is a tool, not meant to be recognized, but rather appreciated. Editing has come a long way. Take for… Continue reading

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